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Valdez Harbor Improvements

CLIENT: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District


SPECIFICS: Construction of approximately 3,100 feet of rubble-mound breakwater to protect a mooring basin approximately 14 acres in size. The basin involved dredging and disposal of approximately 340,000 cubic yards of material which was disposed of in deep water. The breakwater was constructed utilizing wick drains and a 4-layer rock system comprised of armor rock, B rock, core material and filter rock. Staging and monitoring was required for controlled settlement as the breakwaters were constructed.

Haines Ferry Terminal Improvements

CLIENT: State of Alaska DOT & PF


SPECIFICS: Removed existing cellular sheet pile structures and replaced with a riprap slope, sheet pile retaining walls, pile supported mooring dolphin, fender systems and associated access structures. The work included offshore dredging to provide sufficient water depths along the face of the berth for safe vessel use. Additional upland areas were developed to offset the land area losses due to the removal of the sheet pile structures and allowed reconfiguration and expansion of the uplands for the provision of two separate vehicle staging areas. Upland work also included the relocation of the generator and storage buildings and utility work.

Douglas Harbor Maintenance Dredging

CLIENT: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District


SPECIFICS: This environmental remediation project included the removal and deep-water disposal of material containing methyl mercury from an existing boat harbor. After dredging the material from the harbor, a sand cap layer was evenly installed over the dredged surface. The material was then disposed of in deep water where it was also capped with sand.   Extensive surveying, monitoring and testing were required to fulfill the project requirements.

Petro Marine Services Fuel Docks

CLIENT: Petro Marine Services

LOCATION: Sitka, AK and Kodiak, AK

SPECIFICS: Installed two new fuel docks for Petro Marine Services. The designer and fabricator of the floating facilities was Transpac Marinas. Both installations required large diameter holes be drilled in rock for the pile installations, steel pile frames and assembling and installing a steel floating fuel dock and aluminum gangway. The new fuel dock was planned and scheduled to accommodate continuous business operations during construction.

Clark Bay Ferry Terminal Improvements

CLIENT: State of Alaska DOT &PF


SPECIFICS: Removal, replacement and relocation of the transfer bridge, bridge support float and all offshore mooring and berthing structures. The new marine transfer bridge and associated support float system was moved from the existing location about 110 feet to the west in order to utilize deeper water for the bridge float and to avoid future accumulated stream sediments within the region of the existing bridge support float.

Entrance Channel and Harbor Dredging

CLIENT: U.S. Corps of Engineers, Alaska District

LOCATION: Old Harbor, AK

SPECIFICS: Performed surveying, dredging and upland disposal of approximately 19,000 cubic yards of sands, gravels and boulders from the entrance channel and harbor at Old Harbor, Alaska. Dredged material was stockpiled adjacent to the harbor. Dredging was accomplished in a manner that kept the harbor accessible for traffic.

Trident Seafoods Akutan Dock Extension

CLIENT: Trident Seafoods


SPECIFICS: This project expanded the Trident Akutan dock area by constructing a 1,000’ combination steel pile/sheetpile wall, complete with 150 each 2 ¼”diameter number 18 threadbar tieback anchor rods attached to concrete anchor deadmen ranging in size to 22,000 pounds each. Additionally, approximately 25,000 cubic yards of rock pit material was processed, including crushing, and screening, for utilization as rip rap, backfill material, and for other Trident projects. Phase two of the project included installing utilities and 1500 CY of site mixed high strength concrete paving. An integral part of this project was a construction plan that provided minimum intrusion to the existing plant operations.

Skagway Ferry Terminal – Emergency Repairs

CLIENT: State of Alaska DOT&PF


SPECIFICS: This project was an emergency recovery project for the Skagway ferry terminal. The existing floating dock structure, with transfer bridge attached, sunk and rested on the bottom of the bay.   The project included emergency deployment of barges, cranes and equipment to utilize an upcoming extreme low tide and re-float the submerged structure. After afloat, expedited repairs were made to put the terminal back in service with limited interruptions.

Gustavus Causeway Replacement

CLIENT: State of Alaska DOT&PF

LOCATION: Gustavus, AK

SPECIFICS: An existing timber approach dock was replaced with a new open grate steel structure capable of providing roll-on roll-off transfer for public transportation and freight. The existing structure remained in place until the new approach and dock were completed. The transfer bridge, pontoon platform, ramp and apron are galvanized steel and of DOT&PF standard design and details. The dock incorporates a wave barrier feature to protect the floating transfer structures from the seasonal wind and waves. The mooring dolphins are galvanized steel pipe pile structures with fenders. Existing floats and gangway were salvaged and re-located within the facility.

This project was unique in that it required barging and placing 40,000 CY of rock and gravel to construct an island for the future ferry terminal. In addition, most of the structure was built on the tide flats with little or no water.