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Featured Projects

Gustavus Ferry Terminal Improvements


LOCATION: Gustavus, AK

SPECIFICS:​ Installed new pile supported lift towers with new transfer bridge syncrolift system and new hydraulic apron assembly. Expanded existing dock to provide new bridge abutment, more favorable vehicle alignment and separated transient harbor access. Relocation and installation of a new gangway and a new electrical system throughout facility.  The project entailed installation of thirty-nine new piling many of which were in excess of 200’ in length.  The lift towers and abutment support piling required 30” drilled shafts with two different classes of site-batched and placed reinforced concrete.  Placement of 60-ton pre-cast concrete abutment and 55 ton lift tower structures required precise pile alignment and placement due to low tolerance project specifications.

Tenakee Springs Ferry Terminal Improvements


LOCATION: Tenakee Springs, AK

SPECIFICS: Reconstructed the existing city dock and ferry terminal facility including the removal of portions of the old dock and ferry terminal structures.  Upon award, Western Marine proposed in a Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP) resulting in significant benefits to the project.  Western Marine partnered in providing new design and permitting documents revising the initial design resulting in a shorter construction schedule, improved operational efficiency for the owner, less geotechnical and environmental risk from a reduction in pile, additional usage dock space, and cost savings resulting in the project being delivered under the initial bid price.

Refurbishment of the pile supported approach deck, new pile supported dock and ferry staging structures, new ferry vehicle transfer system and floating dock, new offshore mooring dolphins and fuel and electrical systems.  Constructed new fuel operations building structure, timber mooring floats, cathodic protection anodes and pile wraps for corrosion protection.  Pile foundations required rock-socket drilling and/or post-tensioned rock anchor due to the shallow bedrock and complex geology of the site.  In total, nineteen pile were rock-socketed and thirty-four post-tensioned rock anchors were installed.

Berthing / Mooring Upgrades and Dredging

CLIENT:  Private

LOCATION: Dutch Harbor , AK

SPECIFICS:​ Facility upgrades to accommodate larger class container ships.  Upgrades included dredging with offshore disposal, new rock-socketed mooring dolphin, drilled shafts, rehabilitation of existing concrete breasting dolphin, and fender system repairs.  Incidental work included marine mammal monitoring, electrical, and hydrographic surveys.  

Sand Point Ferry Terminal Improvements


LOCATION: Sandpoint, AK

SPECIFICS: Construct a new pile supported dock with concrete deck and framing, new fender pile system, dock face beam, bull-rails, heavy-duty bollards, dolphin and access catwalk, new shot rock fill, and armor rock for an expanded breakwater.  The project included installation of sixty-five new piling and thirty-nine 30” drilled shafts were installed to depths of 75’.  Over 1,000 cubic yards of structural and drilled shaft cast-in-place concrete was batched on site by Western Marine personnel.